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At Apex Global, every client is treated like royalty. When you become one of our clients, we provide you with an accessible Account Manager who ensures your needs and specifications are met. Our expertise covers a broad range of fulfillment and related services.

Order Assembly and Fulfillment. We can integrate with your current ecommerce solution to assemble, package and ship your orders. Daily batches, real time orders, or manual processing are all feasible ways to get your order information to us. Our 24 Hour Turnaround principle ensures your products will be sent out rapidly to make the best impression on your customers.

Assembly. We will assemble packages of any type and combination to send to your customers. Based on the information sent on your orders, our team will pick and pack each order.

Custom On Demand Printing. CD labels, personalized letters, personalized return addresses and other items can be printed on demand to include in your assembly and packaging.

Warehousing. We will receive your product and store it in a secure environment. We provide Virtually Free Warehousing™ for most clients.

International Shipping. Our services include domestic, Canadian, and worldwide shipping. We work with shipping companies to provide innovative solutions to reduce cost and/or increase benefits.

Shopping Cart Design and Ecommerce. If your business is new or has not yet established a long-term ecommerce solution, we can help! Our team will be able to walk you through the process of planning what is best for your business - everything from a pre-developed solution to a full customized system is on the table. We'll help you through the process and can even develop a system for you!

Customer Support Services and Order Taking. Our courteous customer support team can be contracted to handle inbound calls for your business. We can provide around-the-clock customer service for your customers, including order intake.

Stand-Alone Marketing Campaigns. If you need to accomplish an occasional or one-time mass mailing or marketing campaign, Apex is your solution! We can print, assemble and mail large quantities of mailers or packages in a short time frame. If you want to get your project done quickly, inexpensively and professionally, we would love to help you.

Internet Advertising List Development. If you need to build a prospect list or find potential customers for a mass marketing campaign, the Apex team can help! We have been finding surveyed and pre-qualified Internet based leads for seven years. Many products and services marketed to the general public can utilize our prospect development services.

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