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At Apex Global Fulfillment, we recognize that business owners and managers have to make thorough, careful decisions that affect the future of their organizations. As businesspeople ourselves, we take a flexible, sensible approach to helping our clients meet their business needs.

Why choose Apex to handle your fulfillment needs?


  • We have a solid background in developing online ordering systems and providing high end web design.
  • Our services include full database and integration capabilities, including ecommerce development.
  • We have pre-established relationships with major carriers, enabling successful and cost-effective solutions.
  • Simplicity.

  • We handle all logistics: receiving, warehousing, packaging, and shipping.
  • Administration is no longer a headache. Insurance, labor, taxes, square footage costs and equipment are all managed by Apex.
  • Budgeting.

  • We use innovative shipping methods that can help make shipping and handling a profit center rather than a liability.
  • Our cost structure enables simple per-piece budgeting. We bear the overhead cost so that you know exactly what you are spending on a per-item basis.
  • Spikes and dips occur in the normal flow of business. Allowing Apex to serve your fulfillment needs reduces your need to deal with fluctuations (such as labor and storage) which disturb the normal budgeted cost of doing business. When there are large increases in demand, your attention will not be distracted to handle shipping and handling logistics.
  • Location.

  • We are located in a geographical region with a low cost of living and a high employee work ethic. We are able to be more productive with less expense than our competitors in large metro areas.
  • Our warehouses are strategically located within a few hours drive of some of the largest population centers in the United States and Canada, including New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto and Baltimore. This can increase standard delivery speeds for your customers and reduce your costs.
  • Service.

    We would like to introduce our 24 Hour Principles™, a high standard of service that you will find here at Apex:
  • 24 Hour Turnaround. Across the board, we fulfill orders within one business day of when they were placed.
  • 24 Hour Commitment. As our customer, you will be given an account manager who will ensure your specifications are met and your fulfillment needs are met. We provide high-touch, context-sensitive customer service to you and your team.
  • 24 Hour Support. We will give you 24/7 access to our team to assist you any time you need it.
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